Anatomy Academy
Fun experiments will help campers understand more about their senses, brains, breathing, circulation and digestion. Children will create model organs, make Mad Mucus and a simulated stomach, assemble a model skeleton and much more. Take a journey inside the human body as you read x-rays, take your friends blood pressure, listen to your heartbeat and lungs with a stethoscope and learn to type blood with our simulated blood typing kit!

Disgusting Science
Kids make fake blisters, cuts and wounds, blood, eyeballs, brains and more. They can see the plaque on their teeth, simulate tooth decay, test for saliva digestion and make an ear wax detector. Disgusting? No doubt! Educational? Absolutely! After all, did you know that blisters are the body's way of protecting your skin, or that mucus helps keep germs out? Learn the science behind sticky and icky bodily functions while doing some truly nasty experiments.

Crazy Chemistry
Kids love to watch things fizz, foam and bubble. Kids will perform experiments to help them understand the science between acids and bases, mixtures, reactions and other chemistry related concepts. Make rubber balls, lava bottles, the leak proof bag, eating nails for breakfast and dissect a diaper - how does it work?

Fossil Finders
Roll up your sleeves as we dig in to archeology. Restore a ruined mummy and discover the fascinating traditions and myths behind the ancient art of mummification. create a time capsule that includes information about current events and interests, reconstruct artifacts and dinosaur bones and create your own hieroglyphics code based on the style of the Egyptian language.

Space Camp
Find out about rocket propulsion, the moon, constellations, comets and more! In this space camp we will make balloon rockets, telescopes, solar system mobile, star map and other cool projects. It's out of this world!

Spy Kids
Welcome, Fellow Agents!

Whether you want to know how to send secret messages, solve crimes or you just want to check what your siblings are doing, you've come to the right place! Spy Kids will be training constantly... our lives depend on it! We will be counting on you, the best of the best, to execute these missions with excellence: Learning the skills of real undercover agents, Surveillance techniques, Cryptology and information exchange, Pinhole camera's, gadgets and other equipment, Cool spy crafts and more!