Star Wars Jedi Training
Feel the Force flow within you as your Jedi training begins. Hone your lightsaber skills as you and other Padawans learn techniques and moves from a Jedi Master. Then, put your training to the ultimate test as you do battle against the dark side. May the Force be with you!

Harry Potter
Join us as we hop the train to Hogwarts. There will be "potions and herbology" lessons along with transfiguration, and care of magical creatures' courses. We will create fabulous art while playing games such as Quidditch and eating chocolate "frog" snacks.
Shake It Up
Are you ready to shake it up after school? In this high energy dance class you will be sure to feel the beat running through your feet! Learn basic techniques of dance that incorporates moves of hip hop and jazz. We will be using music from Disney Channel Shake it Up and Camp Rock! Then it's time for the FINAL JAM where everyone can make their big debut. You will perform at the end of the session so family and friends can watch you "Shake it Up".
So You Think You Can Dance
Catch on to the latest craze! Learn basic techniques of dance that incorporate moves of hip hop and jazz. Students will increase strength, stamina, flexibility and rhythmic ability. Our class instills self confidence, creativity and enhances performance skills while reducing stage fright. We will learn routines to the hippest music and learn pop combinations. We will perform at the end of the session so family and friends can watch you "bust a move". Our instructors have performed in music videos, danced with stars like Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Wade Robeson and now YOU!

Cheerleading - Three Cheers for your school!!!
Perfect for the aspiring cheerleader who loves to watch the sidelines! Learn cheers, jumps, stunts and basic tumbling PLUS...jammin' dance routines. Students develop teamwork skills, memorization of a routine, rhythm, balance and coordination. We will also focus on enthusiasm and showmanship! An excellent preparatory program for school teams. Show your school spirit and sign up today!

Young Olympians
This is an opportunity for young children to get acquainted with the Olympic Games, but most importantly the central message during the activities is one of friendship and peace. We will have opening and closing ceremonies with flags, songs and our own olympic "torch". Track, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, discus and many more exciting games will be featured for our future olympians!

Survivor Challenge
Just like the people on the island, you and your teammates will face different challenges and competitions. Build a shelter out of materials given, target challenge, dress up relay, race for the rainbow and other exciting games will be played. Which "Tribe" will become the survivor? 

Also available: Tennis, Flag Football and Basketball

Chess Class

If you are new to chess, or polishing your skills, come develop your understanding and enjoyment of the king of games! Lessons and play combine the skills of thinking with the thrill of sport