Students travel to a distant planet, build space habitats, design buildings, pyramids and even the Eiffel Tower! This LEGO® class uses the idea of space travel, buildings and towers, great world wonders and even cartoon characters to inspire students to construct with a purpose in mind. Play is the WORK of children. The child who can learn from play (hands on experience) becomes a better adult.

Star Wars Lego Building
May the Force be with you as you join the fun in Star Wars Legos class! Be a hero or an enemy of the Republic. In this creative building class you and your friends will build Anakins Jedi Starfighter, Droids, Clone Troopers, General Grievous and more!Will you become a Jedi Master of Legos or fall to the Dark Side?

Lego Crafts
If you love legos and love to design then this is the class for you. Each week we will make a take home craft project using legos! Necklaces (and yes they are for boys, too), picture frames, vases, ornaments and more!
Lego Set Builders
This LEGO session is perfect for the builder who loves building sets and can't get enough of them. A variety of sets are available fulfilling your builder's wildest dreams! Star Wars, Spiderman, Pirates, Castles, Harry Potter, Rock Raiders, Arctic, etc. Challenge events are held daily but emphasis is on learning and improving projects, and not the results of the competition.
Lego FUNgineering
Kids who love to see their creations in motion will love this challenging and exciting camp. Campers will build with Lego® motors and Lego® Technic parts. After building their models, campers customize their projects, demonstrate their imagination, and share their creations with other students. Sample Motor Mania projects include:

  • A Helicopter
  • A High-Speed Race Car
  • A Fantastic Motorcycle
  • And Many More!