Testimonials — See what other parents are saying about awesome time children had!

My son, Ethan, was in your afterschool program and enjoyed this VERY much. He continues to talk about it and share what he did during this time.
— Aubrey
I just wanted to share some feedback with you on this past session. Lego was a huge hit. The space class was awesome.
— Anna
You guys have created such an incredible program for these families – about 70 of them stayed up till midnight to send in their registration forms to hope to get into your classes! Thanks for creating such a wonderful place for these kids – they are clearly loving what you are all doing!
— Stephanie
Wow, I didn’t know my son and daughter would be so excited to dissect a squid. All the classes so far have been fantastic. They look forward to your Tuesdays classes.
— Nancy
Star Wars Jedi Training show was amazing. I am emailing you to find out when the next session start. My son said something about Crazy Chemistry and Lego Engineering.
— Bobbi
Thank you again for putting the registrations and rosters together for your company and the other 2 companies.
— Maria